A new species of company is born: CENTINIUM

The group brings together no less than six top teams, working together on specific requirements of each project: developers with flair and experience, talented and pragmatic architects, prompt distributors, efficient constructors, specialists in facades and installations and realtors with great knowledge of the market. It is also based on extensive experience and formidable reputation of the two companies taken under its umbrella: Development AG becomes Centinium Construction and Mobifin Construct Distribution becomes Centinium Distribution.

Therefore, Centinium is the first group of Romanian construction companies able to take any project from an early stage of development and design, to the final sale or lease. And not by chance, but with maximum efficiency.

“What defines us as an integrated group is the ability to fully manage a project. What makes us unique is that the cost and time efficiency, on time and on budget delivery, are for us a point of law. No exceptions. Our goal is for both us and our customers to say at the end of each project: vision accomplished. “says Marius Cercel CEO of the Centinium group.

Centinium companies that make up the group are: Centinium Development, Centinium Architecture, Centinium Distribution, Centinium Construction, Centinium Building Systems and Centinium Real Estate.